Eligibility for Opening a Futures and Options Account Online

  1. This online service is only applicable to the existing client of Chief Securities Limited("CSL") to open a Futures and Options Account with Chief Commodities Limited ("CCL")( SFC Licensed Corporation CE#: AAZ607).

Important Notes:

  1. This online service is not applicable to following cases:
    • U.S. citizen ( i.e. holding U.S. Passport ) or U.S. resident alien ( i.e. holding U.S. green card )
    • Joint account
    • Corporation account
    • Acting as an intermediary for the account
    • Use "Happy Kid" securities sub-account to login
    • An employee of a licensed corporation under the Securities and Futures Ordinance, or a registered institution under the Banking Ordinance ( whether you are currently a SFC licensed representative / HKMA registered person or not )
    • Chief Group staff and members of their immediate family
    • Claim of Tax Treaty Benefits ( for chapter 3 purposes only ) in Form W-8BEN
    • Change of Client's Information