LEE Siu Fung, Stephen Chief Executive CHIEF Holdings (H.K.) Limited “I believe that customer's trust and support are the cornerstones of CHIEF's business as well as its main obligation. Leveraging on its over 40 years superior business reputation, CHIEF will continue to provide customers with the most professional and reliable investment and wealth management services.” Stephen joined CHIEF Group in Apr 2015 as Managing Director. He is responsible for managing, development, and growth of wealth management business of the Group. During his over 25 years of career in the banking and finance industry, he had taken up key positions in HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank, Hang Seng Bank, and Shanghai Commercial Bank. He had assumed various senior management roles and equipped with solid professional experience in personal finance, securities, wealth management, corporate lending, and corporate treasury services. Stephen graduated from The University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor Degree in Engineering and Master Degree in Business Administration, and he is also a Certified Financial Planner (CFPCM) Certificate in Hong Kong. CHEUNG Tak Ming, Terence General Manager Wealth Management Division CHIEF Securities Limited “Sincerity - that is my way of life; it is also respect for the customer experience. Our relationship with clients is of long-term. We strive to understand their needs with a sincere attitude to fulfill our commitment with genuineness; aim to win their trust and to grow together.” Terence joined CHIEF as General Manager of the Wealth Management Division since Aug, 2015. He has about 28 years of extensive services & sales management experience to promote retail business, including life insurance, wealth management, and securities brokerage business in the banking and finance industry. Before joining the Company, he had worked as District Manager of the Retail Banking for Hang Seng bank, District Manager of Consumer Banking for China Construction Bank (Asia) and Head of Sales of the Retail Banking for Shanghai Commercial Bank. He also works closely with the team in hiring new talents and provides training to the front-line salesperson as well as management. Terence possesses a Bachelor degree in Business Administration and is also a Certified Financial Management Planner (CFMP™). YE Haiya, Michael Director Investment Sales Division CHIEF Securities Limited “We are surrounded by numerous strategies, excessive information, and innovated instruments. To preserve our very ordinary mind and look wild and beyond, I would like to work with you on finding your own way to prosperity.” Michael joined CHIEF since 2004. He is now Head of Private Investment in CHIEF Securities Ltd and is responsible for building, management and development of high net worth client brand for Chief Group. At the same time, he also participates in strategies formulation and business development at the group level. He has accumulated over 8 years' of asset management and over 10 years' of company management experience. He has a deep understanding of retail products combined with extensive knowledge in corporate finance, fund management as well as overseas investment, particularly in Mainland China and Asia region. He has also given speeches on some seminars both in Hong Kong and Mainland China. Michael graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a bachelor degree and was recognized as the first batch of mainland student from the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme after Hong Kong's of sovereignty handover in 1997. He has also passed all the qualification papers of ACCA. TANG Chat Tong, Nicholas Director Investment Sales Division CHIEF Securities Limited “Wealth management is not simply a game of number. It should consist of rational analysis, understanding of personality, and care. Each of our investment decision is made based on our dependable and pragmatic analysis. That is our preferred ‘Philosophy of Investment '.” Nicholas joined CHIEF since 2005 and is now the Head of Asset Management & Investment Research in CHIEF Securities Limited. He is responsible for research and quantitative analysis in stocks to develop the trading strategies on derivatives like warrants, CBBC, futures, options, and more. Besides, he is very dedicated to investor education on investment products, and he also participates in strategies formulation and business development at the group level. Nicholas possesses over 16 years of investment experience and is knowledgeable in investment markets with much insight. He does regular sharing of market comments in some local and mainland media such as iMoney, Capital Weekly, Economic Weekly, Investor Magazine, AM730, Sing Pao, and Oriental Daily. He is also regular interviewee on TV channels like financial channels of Cable TV, ViuTV, Now TV 333 and TVB J5. Nicholas graduated from the University of Science and Technology and was then Team Captain of School Debate Team. He has once achieved the Champion in Inter-University Debate and Best Debater Award in Basic Law Debate Competition. He, therefore, holds unique views and insights on current political and economic affairs. KWOK Ka On, Thomas Director Investment Sales Division CHIEF Securities Limited “I was taught by my father, a sophisticated securities industry participant, the importance of ‘Integrity' since I was still a little boy. Integrity, therefore, becomes the guiding principle in my life, which also coincides with the everlasting core value of CHIEF. ‘Integrity', the CHIEF's culture, deeply influences me, ‘Integrity'. And I believe our clients can also strongly feel it through our service delivered.” Thomas joined CHIEF since 2005 as Tsuen Wan Branch Manager. He is now Head of Equity Business Division and is responsible for managing the retail sales network of 15 branches in Hong Kong as well as the business development in the Hong Kong stock market. At the same time, he also participates in strategies formulation and business development at the group level. Thomas has about 16 years of experience in the financial industry. Before joining the Company, he had worked in the local and overseas financial institution as frontline and supporting staff. Thomas is familiar with IPO and placement and always shares his view in the newspaper. Thomas graduated from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology with a degree in Economics and Finance. He is also a Master degree holder in Finance from the City University of Hong Kong. CHONG Chi Ho, Eric Associate Director Corporate Finance CHIEF Financial Capital Limited “ ‘The plans of the diligent lead to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty. ' (Proverbs 21:5). That's the way to accumulate wealth - be well-planned with care and long-term vision.” Eric joined CHIEF since 2005. He is now responsible for the development of corporate finance business and advising on corporate clients' financing needs. Eric was an analyst when he joined CHIEF and has ten years of experience in securities research. He regularly represents CHIEF as the interviewee to deliver global finance comments on different media such as TVB, icable Finance, Now TV, Metroradio, Bloomberg, and some other media in Mainland. He is also enthusiastic about sharing his investment tips in periodic seminars co-organised with such well-known investment banks as Morgan Stanley and BNP. Eric graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2002. He earned a double master degree in Financial Management and Global Political Economy from Macquarie University and CUHK. He is also a qualified Financial Risk Management analyst.