From 1 Apr 2017 to 30 Sep 2017, new customers who open a new Chief Securities account and successfully apply for Frequent Trade Promotion, can enjoy commission rate as low as 0.0875%.

Other Benefits

Priority approved online
trading credit limit for
liquidity flexibility

Transaction with prime rate
for margin account in
6 months (P+0%)*

Complimentary snapshot
real time quotation**

*  Prime rate applies to overdue amount within the marginable value only, prime rate is according to Chong Hing Bank Hong Kong.
** Megahub app, Top Trader (desktop version) and Top Trader (professional version) provide complimentary snapshot real-time bid price and ask price. Customers can enjoy monthly fee waiver for real-time quotes up to HK$368 if customers’ monthly commission for Internet Trade exceeds or reaches HK$1,388 or total monthly trading amount reaches HK$3,000,000.

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Service Charges Comparison

Consideration Frequent Trade
online trading commission
Current online trading commission
(min. $40)
Stock A $5,050 $4.4 $40
Stock B $880 $0.8 $40
Warrant C $1,460 $1.3 $40
Warrant D $12,075 $10.6 $40
Stock E (Odd Lot) $10 $0.01 $40

*   The table above is for reference only

Why Chief Group?

Streaming real-time quotation

Streaming real-time quotation

Professional and caring account servicing

Professional and caring account servicing

Safe and stable online trading platform

Safe and stable online trading platform

Branches are highly reachable in Hong Kong

Branches are highly reachable in Hong Kong

Diversified financial services

Diversified financial services including Securities, Futures and Wealth management

  1. This promotion shall take effect from 1 April 2017 until 30 September 2017 including the commencement and cessation date ("Promotion Period").
  2. This promotion is only applicable to new customers directly affiliated with Chief Securities Limited ("Chief") and account executives’ clients are not permitted to participate. This promotion applies only to individual accounts; however joint accounts, corporate accounts, and all institutional investor clients are not permitted to participate.
  3. New customers refer to customers who successfully opened new securities account (individual) during the promotion period in Chief branches, and there were no account of any types maintained in Chief 6 months before the opening of the account.
  4. Customers participating in this promotion shall opt to receive email statements (including daily and monthly statements).
  5. "Frequent Trade" plan shall only be limited to internet trading (including Hong Kong/Shanghai/Shenzhen Stock); however, subscription of IPO and relevant Stock Monthly Investment Plan shall not be included in this promotion.
  6. Frequent Trade internet trading minimum commission fee shall be HK$0.01. The difference between Frequent Trade’s charge and general charge listed at the Charge Table includes but not limited to the following: (1) Frequent Trade internet trading minimum commission fee shall be HK$0.01 and the minimum charges of general charges are listed on the Charge Table. (2) Frequent Trade internet trading commission fee (0.0875%) shall be higher than the percentage charge of the general charge (0.0675%). Customers shall exercise independent judgment as to the pros and cons of Frequent Trade and decide whether to join the plan or not.
  7. Frequent Trade shall not be used together with the benefit of the calculation of commission charge once over 4 different transaction prices which are mentioned in the Charge Table.
  8. Margin Account customers who participates in this promotion shall be subjected to risk profiling questionnaire, in order to obtain 6 months’ promotional margin rate (P+0%) for trading. Such rate shall resume normal margin rate after the promotion and the promotional rate shall only be applicable to marginable value’s total account payable and P shall be Chong Hing Bank Limited’s Prime Rate.
  9. Unless notified by Chief for update of charges, or upon the request of customers for modification, this charging plan shall not be subjected to specific time limitation; however, Chief reserves the right to cancel the relevant promotion of this charging plan with one month’s notice in advance.
  10. Should customers need to cancel the Frequent Trade charging plan, customers shall be subjected to general charges listed on the Charge Table thereafter. Customers shall need to fill in cancellation form and such cancellation is only effective upon notification of Chief, which generally take 2-5 working days, during which transactions shall continue to be subjected to this charging plan.
  11. Employees of Chief and their immediate family members shall not be entitled to participate in this promotion.
  12. This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions of Chief. Chief reserves the right to terminate this promotion at any time or to change the terms and conditions of this promotion without notice.

The above information and content shall be provided for reference only, and does not constitute any transaction, solicitation, invitation or offer. Investors should note that the value of an investment may rise or fall, and past performance do not indicate future performance. The risk of loss in trading in financial products can be significant; you must carefully consider and assess the risks involved in the product or consult a professional advisor to ensure that your investment decisions are appropriate to your financial situation and risk tolerance level, taking into account your financial circumstances and investment objectives. Chief is not legally responsible for any loss or damage suffered by any person arising from the use of this material.

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