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In recent years, Southeast Asia's economic, commercial, and tourism development have been flourishing. While its urban development and medical system have matured, and some have even met international standards, its prices have remained relatively low. Under the "Belt and Road" initiative, China is determined to establish a robust economic belt and maintain long-term trade relations with Southeast Asian countries. Meanwhile, these countries are also actively attracting overseas investment and turning themselves into popular destinations for investment, immigration, entrepreneurship, and retirement. The United Kingdom is also a popular choice for Hong Kong people to purchase homes. The falling exchange rate of the British pound in recent years has further enhanced the investment value of the local real estate.
According to a 2018 World Tourism Organization survey, Thailand is the most popular country for foreign tourists in Southeast Asia. Being one of the faster growing developing countries in Southeast Asia, Thailand’s strong economy has attracted foreign investment, thereby driving the construction of infrastructure and real estate development. The low threshold for retirement visa application, quality medical services at affordable prices, incredible scenery, and a fantastic range of entertainment have all made Thailand a popular destination for property investment.
The World Economic Forum's Global Competitiveness Report 2017-2018 ranked Malaysia 23rd out of 137 economies, placing it even higher than South Korea (26th). Malaysia has pumped up spending on infrastructure in recent years, boosting its economic development and real estate industry. It has also introduced housing policy favoring foreign home buyers and investors.
Cambodia, one of the fastest-growing economies in ASEAN, is forecast to reach a GDP growth of 7% in 2018 and rank first in Southeast Asia. It had maintained a GDP growth of 7% for five consecutive years and its per capita income increased from just US$320 in 2001 to US$1,500 in 2018. With an average age of only 30, Cambodia has immense potential and attracted investment from all over the world. Its urban railway network, which will complete in a few years, will serve as a powerful engine for the real estate industry.
United Kingdom
The judicial and education system of Hong Kong and the United Kingdom are similar. The United Kingdom is also home to many leading universities, making it a popular immigration and studying-abroad destination for Hong Kong people. Therefore, the housing market in the United Kingdom is particularly popular among Hong Kong investors. Also, investors around the globe are attracted by its steady rise of housing prices, considerable rent income as well as lower asset prices, and relatively low study and living expenses caused by the downward adjustment of the British pound.
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