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Meet our specialists

Our experienced team of experts provides you with the most comprehensive financial advice available. They can provide solutions which meet your specific needs and goals.

May Chow

Wealth Management Specialist

Investment and financial management are an essential part of our life which should be handled seriously. “Customer Focused”, “Professionalism”, and “Integrity” are our core values when delivering services to our clients. We will continue to accompany our clients throughout their investment journey and assist them in achieving financial success.

May joined Chief Group in 2016 as a Wealth Management Specialist with the mission to provide comprehensive wealth management services to clients.

May possesses a Bachelor Degree in Finance. She has over 10 years of experience in wealth management. Before joining the Group, she had worked for Hang Seng Bank, Shanghai Commercial Bank and The Bank of East Asia and gained varied experience to plan and manage investment portfolios for clients that suit their financial needs.

may_chow@chiefgroup.com.hk (852) 6296 1819 (852) 6296 1819

Wendy Chan

Wealth Management Specialist

Financial planning is a way of managing your wealth and brings together all aspects of personal finance to achieve your financial goals, such as getting married, purchasing house and retirement, etc. Effective financial planning not only provides you with hassle-free life but also leads you on the path to richness.

Wendy joined Chief Group in June 2017 as a Wealth Management Specialist with the mission to provide comprehensive wealth management services to clients.

Wendy has 22 years of experience in the banking industry. Before joining the Group, she had worked for Hang Seng Bank, Chong Hing Bank, Bank of China (Hong Kong) and OCBC Wing Hang Bank with extensive experience in providing clients with wealth management services, including life insurance, funds, and bonds investment.

Wendy possesses a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and is also a Certified Financial Planner (CFP™).

wendy_chan@chiefgroup.com.hk (852) 5361 9513 (852) 5361 9513
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