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Account Opening
What type of trading accounts does CHIEF offer?

Hong Kong Securities

  • Custodian Account (P A/C)
  • Margin Account (M A/C)
  • Happy Kid securities sub-account (provided for account holders whose children is under the age of 18; account holders must first obtain a Master Securities Account when opening a Happy Kid securities sub-account.)

Stock Options Account

Futures and Options Account

Global Securities Margin Account (M A/C)

Global Futures and Options

Note: The above services can be performed via the internet or phone

Can I open an account at CHIEF if I am not Hong Kong or Mainland China resident?

In a general situation, you can. Please visit any of our branches in person and bring along the ID document of your nationality, passport, and address proof dated within the latest 3 months. For online and mail application, please deposit HK$10,000 to Chief with your personal bank account in Hong Kong and send cheque with HK$10,000 by mail for identity verification.

Is there a minimum deposit requirement or charge for opening an account?

It is completely free to open accounts at CHIEF. We do not impose custody fee, dormant account fee, and minimum balance requirement. Clients are not required to deposit money for maintaining the account. After deposit money into the account, clients can trade immediately.

Deposit and Withdrawal
What are the ways of fund deposit?


Phone and online banking



Bank Counter

Self-service Cheque Deposit Services

Payment in person through CHIEF Branches

HK Stocks "Sub-Account" Services

>> Bank Account Details
What should be noted when I deposit funds through bank counters?

Please keep the deposit slip after depositing to a designated bank in case further confirmation is needed. Please avoid depositing integer (e.g. HK$10,000, HK$20,000). Unique deposit amount is suggested in order to shorten funds verification. (e.g. HK$10,001.29, HK$20,123.46) Customer with any integral deposit is required to provide deposit receipt.

How can I inform CHIEF of my deposit?
  1. For Securities Account, please inform us by using "Deposit" function in "Funds" of Chief Trader mobile app or "Cash Voucher" of Top Trader;
  2. For HK Futures Account, please inform us by using "Deposit" function in "Customer Service" of SP Trader Pro HD mobile app or SP Trader;
  3. "Easy Deposit Confirmation" on CHIEF Website
  4. Call branches or Deposit/Withdrawal Hotline at (852) 2500 9180 (852) 2500 9180 or Customer Support Centre at (852) 2500 9199 (852) 2500 9199.
  5. Email relevant deposit information (Account name, account number and deposit slip) to
Login and Password
What should I do if I forget my login password?

Chief Trader/ Top Trader/ Speed / ChiefEasy:

Press here or reset your password on the login page of the trading platform. For security reason, all registered devices will be deregistered after resetting the password. Please register your device again. The account holder can also call Customer Support Centre at (852) 2500 9199 (852) 2500 9199 to reset password.

SP Trader:

Please call our branches or Futures Hotline at (852) 2500 9128 (852) 2500 9128 or Customer Support Hotline at (852) 2500 9199 (852) 2500 9199 to reset the password.

Why can't I receive the mobile verification code when I register?
  1. We entrust more than one telecommunications operator to send mobile verification code for us. If you do not receive any mobile verification code, please try again after five minutes. If you still do not receive the code, please call our Customer Support Centre at (852) 2500 9199 (852) 2500 9199.
  2. If the registered phone number is not a local number, please ensure that you choose the correct district number.
How to register to CHIEF online trading system?

Starting from 27th April 2018, SFC requires all online trading system to implement two-factor authentication as. Please make sure you complete the registration before logging in. Please provide the following information correctly when you register.

  • Account number
  • Login password
  • The first 3 numeric digits of your ID card number
  • Registered phone number

If there are changes of the above information, please notify our staff.

"Chief Trader" 2FA Registration Video
Technical Support
How to identify the Windows version of my operating system?

Windows 7 – In the menu, search for "Computer", right click "Properties".

Windows 10 – Choose "Menu", press the gear icon. Choose "System" after new window pop up, then choose "About"

Why can't the real-time quote be shown?

If the interface of the real-time stock quote shows blank page, please check if the JAVA has been updated. The real-time stock quote may not support newest version of Java. Please refer to the following instructions for download the right version of Java for your computer.

Why are there garbled code in "SP Trader"?

Please check which time zone for your computer. The garbled code will appear if the time zone is not Hong Kong.
Please choose "Control Panel" in your computer, then choose "Time, Language and District". Change your time zone to Hong Kong and restart "SP Trader".

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