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Simplified Direct Debit Authorization
What is Simplified Direct Debit Authorization ("SDDA")?

Customers can bind the bank account through "Chief Trader" anytime and anywhere, and deposit money to CHIEF instantly without informing CHIEF, and it is applicable to clients who use "E-Account Opening", which is convenient and fast.

What are the benefits of using SDDA?

Using SDDA at Chief allows you to apply and make direct deposit to your accounts at anytime, anywhere, with no handling fee and deposit slip required. Also, it is applicable to customers with E-Account Opening.

How to submit the SDDA application?

Once login into “Chief Trader” Mobile app. Please select the “Simplified DDA”. Select payee to be bound and enter daily deposit amount limit then click “Apply”. Once CHIEF has received your application, the service will be activated.

Remarks: "SDDA" service is only applicable to the "Chief Trader" mobile application. Customers need to download the APP and complete the account registration process to activate this service.
What kind of currency do CHIEF support?

HKD and RMB.

Which bank support "SDDA" service?
What kind of CHIEF accounts does the "SDDA" service support?

Applicable to the following CHIEF accounts:

  1. HK Stocks
    • Custodian account
    • Margin account
    • Happy Kids account
  2. Stock Options account
  3. HK futures account
  4. Global Stock Margin account
Remarks: This service is not applicable to CHIEF joint accounts
Is it support "E-Account Opening" accounts?

Yes. After successfully opening an account online and completing the "SDDA" registration process through "Chief Trader", the customer can transfer funds instantly without informing CHIEF.

What is the daily deposit amount limit?

Up to HK$10,000,000. For details, please refer to the table below:

Items Amount / frequency
Daily deposit limit (per currency) HK$10,000,000
Maximum deposit for each transaction (per currency) HK$999,999.99
Minimum deposit for each transaction (per currency) HK$500
Daily count limit 20 counts
Is there a cut-of time for transferring funds?

No, customer can transfer funds instantly through "Chief Trader".

Is there any handling fee for setting-up, modifying or canceling the "SDDA" instruction?

No handling fee is required.

Remarks: The minimum deposit amount is HK$500. Please make sure you have sufficient funds in your bank account before making the transfer, or your bank may charge a service fee for a denial of transfer according to the bank’s terms and conditions. CHIEF will not charge any fee.
How to change bank information?

Log in to "Chief Trader" and select "Modification" and follow the steps below to complete the instructions.

  1. Fill in bank information
  2. Enter the first three digits of the ID card and logon password for authentication and submit the instruction
  3. Upon completion, you will receive an email regarding "Modification of personal information"
  4. The information will be updated within 3 business days after phone confirmation by our Customer Services Officer.
How to modify the authorization setting?

"Chief Trader" does not support changing the authorization setting. If you need to change the daily deposit limit, you may need cancel the authorization and re-apply for the binding.

How to cancel the authorization instruction?

You can submit the cancellation instruction in "Chief Trader", but you may also need to inform the relevant bank of cancellation.

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