We embraces sincerity, integrity, fairness, justice and mutual benefits as its core values for business operations.
We shares the essence of financial management with long-term visions, accurate assessments of various situations, and insights into new opportunities.
We carries through with the provision of excellent services, walking along with clients on the road to wealth accumulation.
Our Brand
A Paragon of Cross-border Financial Services
Rooted in Hong Kong with a vision towards China and Asia Pacific.
20 business locations covering Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories as well as 4 mainland China contact points connecting major mainland cities. A commercial bank is established in Cambodia to capture the development opportunities of the “Belt and Road” Initiative and to broaden our horizons.
Provide diversified financial and wealth management products: Hong Kong stocks, global securities, futures, options, Shanghai and Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect, insurance, funds, bonds, structured products, global property purchase, etc., to help clients’ achieve the goal of financial return.
All-rounded financial services are expanded, e.g.: wealth management and brokerage, asset management, corporate finance, financial advisory, overseas property purchase, and mortgage referral, creating an integrated wealth management model for clients to fully meet their different needs.
Professional mobile phone apps developed with state-of-the-art technology, trading hotlines answered by specialists, as well as physical investment and financial management centres distributed into various districts, all combine to create an online-offline integrated trading system in line with user's current customs. The platform can also realise the interconnection of trading and services, fully uplifting and optimising client experience.
Our Culture
The logo of CHIEF, comprising the “4C” symbol, has been used since our establishment. The symbol represents CHIEF’s long history and its specific cultural heritage. At the centre of the logo is a keyhole, which refers to the way to open the door of wealth. The “4C” symbol represents the core cultural values of our team:
Our History
The Chief Investment Company was founded in Hong Kong and became a member of the Far East Exchange Limited, providing securities and financial services.
Our History
Chief became a member of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, obtained a futures brokerage license and became one of the earliest members of the Hong Kong Futures Exchange Limited to start futures trading.
Our History
Remaining largely unaffected by the global stock crisis in 1987, the Chief Commodities Limited, as one of the earliest members of the newly reformed Hong Kong Futures Exchange Limited in 1992, actively expanded the futures and options business of the Hang Seng Index.
For its business development, the Chief Investment Company became a limited company and renamed itself Chief Securities Ltd.
Our History
In the midst of the Asian financial crisis, Chief maintained its steady growth despite the global economic slowdown.
Our History
Chief launched its online stock trading service to meet clients' investment needs.
Our History
Chief successfully established the Daily Audit System – the first of its kind in Hong Kong – to give a full protection for its clients' assets. The first branch was opened in Kowloon City.
Our History
Hong Kong economy suffered severely during the SARS outbreak. However, Chief remained strong and managed to open two more branches in two years. It also launched its global futures trading and asset management service.
Our History
CHIEF opened its 10th branch after 30 years of hard work. It also expanded its business to the Greater China Region by establishing representative offices in Shanghai and Shenzhen.
Our History
CHIEF survived the global financial crisis and opened its 20th branch during the economic downturn period, furthering consolidating its financial status.
Our History
CHIEF strived to expand and diversify its services. It established Wealth Management Division and CHIEF Privilege for providing premium wealth management service to meet various needs of clients.
Our History
We provided global properties information and overseas investment strategy. CHIEF became the first in Hong Kong to offer online account opening service at the same day – simple and fast.
Since its establishment in 1979, CHIEF has been focusing on business development and striving for excellence regardless of market conditions. The strength of CHIEF has been widely recognised by the public, as proven by the numerous representative awards we have won.

Excellent Corporate Management

Quality Award - Special Award for SMEs 2012

Service Quality Management Certification 2012 - 2021

ERB Manpower Developer Award Scheme 2012 - 2020

Customer Service Excellence Award 2015 - Grand Award

"Junior Frontline Level of Retail (Service) - Financial Institutions Cetegory" of the Service and Courtesy Awards 2013

Hong Kong Top Service Brand 2012 - 2019

MPW Elite Awards 2017

CNFOL Financial Rankings 2017

KOL Favored Brand Award

Caring Company 2008 - 2019

Partner Employer Award 2011 - 2019

Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence 2013 - Wastewise Label (Class of Excellence)

Hong Kong Green Organisation - Wastewi$e Certificate

CHIEF regularly holds seminars and workshops, and has published five books on investment strategy to enrich the public's knowledge of investment. We strive to help you build up your wealth by providing first-hand stock analysis and knowledge of any individual financial activity.
We shoulder our corporate social responsibility to care for the disadvantaged groups and build a better future. In addition to actively participating in charity activities and supporting education, our voluntary team organizes regular visits to the elderly, and gives aid to new arrival students from the mainland China. CHIEF also sponsored the construction of over 80 primary schools and two middle schools in the poverty areas in the mainland China.
First to introduce a Daily Audit System
Run by an independent accountant to protect our clients' assets.
Strong Network
Branches are conveniently located across the Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories.
All-Rounded Platform
Dedicated services are available ranging from branches, telephone hotlines to online with advanced information technology.
Solid Foundation
Founded in Hong Kong for 40 years, CHIEF survives the financial crisis and continuously expands.
Strive for Excellence
Business has been constantly diversified for better services.
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Instant trading of stocks after taking an in-depth look at every move of the market
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