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What is a Fund?

A fund is a pool of money collected from different investors to set aside for a specific investment purpose and is managed by a professional Fund Manager. The Fund Managers will base on the Investment Objective of the fund to allocate the money into a series of investment tools, which may include stocks, bonds, options, futures, foreign exchange and other financial instruments, to provide investors with professional fund management and help them with risk diversification.

Why invest in Funds?

Diversification to reduce investment risks

Usually, each fund will be invested into over dozens of securities or more, and will diversify the money in different markets and industries. So, even if one of the securities is affected by political, economic or investment factors and resulting in losses, other securities will gain to offset the risks by diversifying the investment portfolio.

Grasp global investment opportunities

Many investors hope that they can grasp the global market investment opportunities, but very often because of the high cost involved with lack of time, market information as well as the way to access into the market, they cannot participate in investment. The minimum amount needed to invest in funds is relatively low, so that investors can take the opportunity to participate in global investment, and thus they can benefit from an increase in the value of the assets in long-term.

Professional management

A fund is managed by a professional Fund Manager with ample investment experience and information networks. Through following a macro and micro economic analysis by a professional team, they can better control risk and adjust the portfolio accordingly to make wise investment decisions.

Independent custody

Investors' funds are managed by the Fund Manager and the fund's transactions are overseen by an independent trustee. SFC-authorized funds have to comply with requirements of the Code on Unit Trusts and Mutual Funds. These include a proper structure (appoint a fund manager, trustee / custodian acceptable to the SFC), well-defined investment guidelines and restrictions, ongoing disclosure requirements and other requirements related to the fund's daily administration. However, SFC authorization is not an official recommendation of a fund nor does it guarantee a good return.

Why choose Chief?

Multiple products to select from

We offer a wide range of Top Selling Funds and Funds Highlight so that you can choose the types of funds that best meet your needs.

Easy and simple subscription procedure

You can subscribe funds online or through mobile subscription, the process is simple and fast, convenient and time-saving.

Low cost

Fund subscription fee through online trading is as low as from 0.8% and Chief would waive the collection of dividend for the client. The cost is relatively low.

Professional Wealth Management Team

We have a group of experienced wealth management specialists who can provide professional financial planning advice to meet clients' financial needs.

What kind of protection do customers have when subscribing and holding funds through CHIEF?

Chief Securities Limited (CE Reference: ADI983) is licensed by the Securities & Futures Commission (SFC) and complies strictly with the regulatory requirements including taking such measures as the following:

  • Proper segregation and safeguarding of client assets.
  • Providing contract notes and account statements.
How does Chief charge for trading Funds?


Item Subscription Fee or Commission Custody Fee Dividend Collection Fee Transfer Fee*
Online Fund Subscription Fee: As low as 0.8%, please refer to the respective offering documents of the relevant funds. - - HK$400 per transaction

*Please note that fund transfer will be limited to the account with the same name.

The information above is subject to change without prior notice.

What do I need to prepare before I subscribe to the fund?

You need to complete the "Risk Analysis Questionnaire" to understand your individual risk orientation. After reading and getting confirmed the “Standing Authority - Over-the-Counter Transaction" and “Fund Order Undertaking Letter”, you can start proceeding with the fund subscription procedure.

Can I trade online with CHIEF Trader if I belong to “Vulnerable Client” ?

If you belong to a " Vulnerable Client", you are

  1. 65 years old or above,
  2. amblyopia
  3. education level is primary education, or
  4. limited financial capability ( e.g. annual income and net asset value of less than HK$300,000),

you can request a staff member of CHIEF Group and/or bring your relatives to the CHIEF branch to witness the transaction. If you do not require any witness in the transactions, you can proceed with subscription to the fund.

How to pay the sibscription fee?

Your stock account with our group is equivalent to the fund trading account. If you are a new customer, you need to open an account with our group before you can subscribe to the fund. As each fund has its minimum subscription amount, your stock account needs to have sufficient funds to complete the subscription process.

How to redeem a fund?

After logging in to CHIEF Trader, click "User Profile" > "Fund" > "Redemption". Please select the funds you wish to redeem, enter the correct number of units and click "submit" to review the redemption and confirm the instructions.

When will my subscription/redemption instructions be executed?

In general, the subscription before 13: 30 on any working day will be process on the same day; and the subscription after 13:30 on any working day will be process on the next working day. In the event of special circumstances, we will notify the transaction processing time separately.

Where can I check the progress of subscription/redemption?

You can check the subscription/redemption status of the fund by clicking on "Trading Instructions" in CHIEF Trader's "User Profile" > "Fund".

How do I confirm that my fund trading instructions are being processed by the system?

After the transaction is completed, we will send you a confirmation letter by email. You can still check the status of the funds through CHIEF Trader's account.

Can I change or cancel a fund trading instruction that has been submitted?

The fund instruction can only be cancelled and cannot be changed. Once the cancellation instruction is submitted, the previous application will be invalidated. If you need to apply again, you need to re-apply for another subscription procedure. Please check the instructions carefully before confirming the instructions.

How can I read my fund transaction history?

After logging in to CHIEF Trader, click "User Profile" > "Fund" and select "Transaction History" to read your fund transaction history.

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