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Stock Options
Which trading system does CHIEF provide to clients for trading Stock Options?

CHIEF provides SPEED trading system for clients to trade stock options. SPEED is fast and stable, which also provides a desktop version and mobile version.

How can I transfer an underlying share to Covered Call Options?

You can call our Stock Options Hotline at (852) 2500 9138 to instruct the transfer the underlying shares to an option account. There is no charge for the transfer.

How can I obtain the information about the margin requirement of short positions on Stock Options contracts?

SPEED trading platform provides a preview of the margin requirement, which allows clients to make a smart investment.

What are the charges when exercising/being exercised the Stock Option?

Stock Option is settled by physical delivery of underlying shares, and the transaction cost includes phone securities trade and related trading fees (e.g. Stamp duty). The person who exercises the stock option will additionally bear an exercise fee (HK$2 for each contract). All charges will be deducted from customer's Stock Option Account.

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