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Which trading system does CHIEF provide clients for trading Hong Kong futures?

CHIEF provides SP Trader (Desktop) and SP Trader Pro HD - HK Futures/Options Trading APP (iOS and Android).

What is the host of the SP Trader's online login page?

The host of the SP Trader's online login page is:

How can I obtain the information about the margin requirement for future and option?

Customer can obtain the information by browsing HKEX website or download "HK Futures Margin" from CHIEF's website.

For margin requirement of option, please visit HKEX website. Please be reminded that the margin rates would be adjusted under the large fluctuating circumstance. For enquiries, please contact our Future Department at (852) 2500 9128.

Are stock options with contract size equal to one underlying board lot shares?

Not necessarily. Some stock options contract is equal one underlying board lot shares, some stock futures contract is more than one underlying board lot shares. Customer can obtain relevant information by browsing HKEX website or download "HK Futures Margin" from CHIEF's website.

Which trading system does CHIEF provide to clients for trading global futures?

CHIEF provides SPEED trading system for clients to trade global futures. SPEED is fast and stable, which also provides a desktop version and mobile version.

Which types of futures do CHIEF's global futures trading services provides?

We provide six categories of global futures, including index, agriculture, interest rates, metals, energy and currencies. For more details, please visit the CHIEF website.

Which currency does CHIEF use for global futures trading?

Different currencies are used on different futures products and margin, mostly in US dollar. For more details, please refer to "Global Futures Margin" on CHIEF's website or call our 24-hour Futures Trading Hotline (852) 2500 9128.

How do I inquire about the expiration date of the global futures or options?

Please refer to the exchange website for expiration dates. Please note that some products, such as NY Crude Oil Futures Positions need to be early liquidated. For details, please contact the 24-hour Futures Trading Hotline at (852) 2500 9128.

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