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Are foreign-denominated securities products in Hong Kong Stock Exchange be traded in Hong Kong dollars?

All HKEX securities products, such as foreign currency denominated transactions and corporate actions, will be converted into Hong Kong dollar for settlement. (Note: Except for RMB-denominated products)

If I cannot settle my overdue payment after T+2, can I keep my stocks if only paying interest?

No. All Cash Account clients (except Margin Account) must settle their overdue payment after T+2. Please kindly note that we reserve the rights to sell the proceeds without any prior notice for any customer who cannot settle the overdue payment after the specific date.

How to calculate the interest on outstanding balance?

For Cash Account, an interest of P+5% (annual rate) will be charged on your debit balance, weekends and public holidays are included in the calculation.


Assume the current prime rate is 5.25%, the daily interest of a HK$10,000 debit balance will be:
HK$10,000 x 10.25% x (1/365) = HK$2.81 (Interest will also be calculated on Saturday, Sunday and public holiday.)

In order to save interest cost, we strongly encourage our clients to make settlement on time; any overdue settlement will be record for further reference. Accumulated interest will be debited from your account at the end of each month.

Under what circumstances will I receive a margin call?

You would receive our margin call if stock marginable value falls below the amount borrowed.

For example:
Suppose you own a board lot of HSBC (approx. market value HK$48,000) and your account show a debit balance of HK$24,000. Under this situation, you will not receive any margin call since the margin ratio of HSBC is 50%. However, if the price of HSBC falls and its market value becomes HK$40,000, you will receive our margin call for HK$4,000 which is needed to settle the differences.

Can I place any new buy order or withdraw cash when I have received a margin call?

No. You must fulfill their margin call requirement before making any new buy orders. You can only withdraw cash if credit balance is available, margin limit would not be able to cash out.

When should I fulfill the margin call requirement?

You must fulfill the margin level before the next trading day after receiving our margin calls (either by cash deposit, asset-backed stock deposit or sell out stocks in account). If you fail to fulfill the margin call requirement, we reserve the rights to sell the proceeds without any prior notice.

How can I look for the margin financing ratio of different stocks?

You would receive the latest margin financing ration of stocks when you apply for a Margin Account. You may also make enquiries to our Securities Department or branches or view the Stock Margin Table on our website.

How to calculate the interest on Margin Account?

For Margin Account, the financing interest is P + 2.5% if the total loan amount is within your total value. The financing interest is P + 3.5% if the total loan amount is exceeding your total value. The interest is calculated and accumulated till the end of that month and deducted from the account at the end of the month (Saturday, Sunday or public holidays will also calculate interest).


Assume the current prime rate is 5.25%, the margin amount of a HK$10,000 debit balance will be:
HK$10,000 x 7.75% x (1/365) = HK$2.12

Assume the current prime rate is 5.25%, the margin amount of a HK$10,000 debit balance will be:
HK$10,000 x 8.75% x (1/365) = HK$2.40

How to apply the Real-time Quoting service?

You can subscribe the following Real-time Quoting service through our customer support hotline, Chief Easy or submit the "Request for Change of Account Information and Services" application form.*

Online Instant quote*

Vendor Version Monthly Charges (HK$)**
AAStocks QuoteWinner
AAStocks 2007
AAStocks 2007 (China)
Monthly Charges (HK$) HK$368 HK$638 HK$538
ETNET (China)
Monthly Charges (HK$) HK$368 HK$238
Megahub -
Megahub (China)
Monthly Charges (HK$) HK$338 HK$218
AFE - HK$368 Monthly Charges (HK$) HK$368
Top Trader Latest Quote - Free Monthly Charges (HK$) Free

Term of Waiver***

Your monthly Commission for HK Stocks Internet Trade exceeds or reaches HK$1,388 or total monthly trading amount reaches HK$3,000,000.

* Request for subscription or termination of Online Real-time Price Quote Service should be made on or before 25th of each month.
** Full month rate will be charged regardless of commencement date of service and will be debited from your account at the beginning of each month.
*** If client fulfills the waiver terms, monthly fee charged will be credited to client's account at the beginning of next month (refund maximum is HK$368).

Real-time Price Quote Service's Deposit Arrangement:

You are required to pay $500 as deposit when apply for real-time quote. It will be refunded to your account when you cancel your subscription. Please be aware that your account should have adequate deposit for your subscription on 25th of each month. In order to prevent disruption in your subscription, our colleagues will contact you to remind your payment. The Company has the right to cancel your subscription if there is no sufficient fund on that day. The discrepancy will be deducted from your deposit. The amount remained will be deposited to your trading account.

Please be aware that we may not notify you prior to any changes in service. For enquiries, please contact our Customer Support Center at (852) 2500 9199 (852) 2500 9199.

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