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HK Stocks
How does CHIEF charge for trading Hong Kong stock?

CHIEF does not charge for using trading platforms. The charges and fees are flexible to suit your needs. Commissions are as low as HK$0.01. CHIEF also provides free real-time stock quote to help clients grasp every investment opportunity. For more details, please refer to Service Fees & Charges.

What are the advantages of CHIEF Hong Kong stock trade?
  • Push Notifications
    "Chief Trader" Mobile APP supports push notification, allowing clients to receive the latest financial news, IPO news, seminars information and executed order notification.
  • Price Alert
    Clients can key in targeted stock and set the target price. When the chosen stock reaches the price, the system will notify clients to grasp investment opportunities.
  • Real-time Stock Quote
    If client's monthly Commission for HK Stocks Internet Trade exceeds or reaches HK$1,388 or total monthly trading amount reaches HK$3,000,000), monthly fees of real-time stock quote will be waived.
  • Diversified Products
    CHIEF provides diversified products including securities, ETF, warrants, Callable Bull/Bear Contracts, Shanghai and Shen Zhen stock connect, short selling, stock margin, monthly stock investment plan, IPO subscription and placement
  • Research Professionals
    CHIEF's research professionals offer you regular market analysis, research and themed seminars to let you dive deeply into market trends, investment products and wealth growth.
If my capital is limited, what can I do to invest in Hong Kong Stock?

CHIEF provides "Happy Kid" and "Monthly Stock Investment Plan" for long-term investment. It allows you to capture potential growth of your favorite stocks without much worrying about catching market highs and lows because of "Dollar Cost Averaging". We also provides flexible "Frequent Trade" plan which commission is as low as HK$0.01. For more details, please refer to "Happy Kid" page. We also provide flexible "Frequent Trade" plan which commission is as low as HK$0.01.

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