Happy Kid
CHIEF launches "Happy Kid" securities sub-account for parents to invest a brighter future for their children. It not only helps your child develop an interest in financial planning but also accumulate wealth for their future education. Parents can interact more with their children by teaching financial planning, and children can even feel the love of their parents. Act now, plan and make a lifelong gift of education to their children.

Low commission and easy to trade

NO minimum brokerage that helps you save the transaction fee and accumulate wealth for your children.

Plan early to accumulate wealth

Utilize compound interest to bring higher returns and prepare for expensive education fee and purchasing home.

Individual account for easy managing

An independent sub-account. Clients can open a maximum of 3 individual accounts for their children. It is easier to identify and manage.

Monthly Investment Plan to grasp the investment opportunities

Regular contributions to capture potential growth without much worrying about catching market highs and lows because of "Dollar Cost Averaging".

Special Offers
Open "Happy Kid" Securities sub-account to enjoy the following special offers. Act now give the best gift to your children.
Special Offer 1
Low commission
Internet trading can enjoy commission rate as low as 0.1%, with no minimum commission
Special Offer 2
Purchasing commission exempted during Chinese New Year
Purchasing securities through Happy Kid securities subaccount will be exempted within 30 calendar days after the first day of Lunar New Year ("Promotion Period").2
Other Offers
Free parenting financial planning
Have priority registration to attend talks about studying overseas and financial planning
One-time free charge of transferring securities from Master securities account to Happy Kid securities sub-account4
If the children of the clients attained age 18 and wish to possess the securities under their own name, CHIEF will provide a one-time offer which exempts commissions.5
Selected Services
CHIEF provides diversified investment products and services to meet our clients' financial needs, enabling them to capture investment opportunity anytime, anywhere.

Promotional Terms

  1. Monthly Stock Investment plan minimum commission half price offer will maintain until December of the year when client’s children attain age 18.
  2. Purchasing securities through Happy Kid securities subaccount will be exempted within 30 calendar days after the first day of Lunar New Year ("Promotion Period"). The upper limit commission exemption is HK$300. The exempted commissions will be rebated into related account within 30 calendar days after the Promotion period. Selling securities will be charged normally. The offer will only be maintained until the Promotion Period in the Lunar New Year when children of clients attaining age 18.
  3. CHIEF will provide one free securities transfer offer from Master Securities Account to Happy Kid securities sub-account for each successfully opened Happy Kid securities sub-account within 30 days after the opening of the account. After that, all the services will be charged normally.
  4. When the children of the clients attained age 18, Clients can transfer the securities from the Happy Kid securities sub-account to the account of their children opened at CHIEF. CHIEF will provide one time offer which exempts both sides of commissions, other trading fees (e.g. stamp duty, SFC Transaction Levy, HKEX Trading Fee and CCASS Stock Settlement Fee) should be charged normally.
  5. Happy Kid securities sub-account is not a trust account. In any case, the Master Securities Account holder must be treated as, for all intents and purposes the holder and ultimate beneficial owner of the Happy Kid securities sub-account.
  6. CHIEF reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to amend, suspend, or terminate the relevant terms and conditions of this service at any time without prior notice. In case of any dispute(s), the decision of CHIEF shall be final.
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