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Service Fees & Charges

Items Charges (%) HKD & USD Denominated Products Minimum Charges RMB Denominated Products Minimum Charges#
(Include Shanghai/Shenzhen Connect Charges)
Commission for Phone Trade* 0.125 HK$55 RMB¥55
Commission for Day Trade (By Phone)* 0.0875 HK$55 RMB¥55
Commission for Internet Trade* 0.0675 HK$40 RMB¥40
Commission for Prelisting trade* 0.125 HK$55 RMB¥55
Commission for Monthly Investment Plan 0.0675 HK$40 -

Frequent Trade online trading
commission plan**

The more you trade, the more you save
Unlimited number of HK stocks trades with commission 0.1%
Commission as low as HK$0.01, open an account online now

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Financing Services

Items Financial Charges*** (in annual interest rate) Remarks
Margin Account Lending Rate Chong Hing Bank Prime Rate +2.5% Overdue amount within the marginable value
Chong Hing Bank Prime Rate +3.5% Overdue amount beyond the marginable value
Cash Account and Custodian Account Overdue Interest Chong Hing Bank Prime Rate +5% -

For more details about charges and fees of HK stocks and other services, please press here to download PDF.


Above commission rate is applicable to our company's direct clients only. For AE clients, commission rate is negotiable with their AE. Commission is negotiable for bulk transaction.

* Commission is calculated separately for each side and trading channels and is charged once for each 4 or less different transaction prices.
** The "Frequent Trade" charging scheme is limited to online trading only (including Hong Kong stocks / Shanghai stocks / Shenzhen stocks). Transactions related to IPO subscriptions, grey market trading and monthly stocks savings plans are excluded from the scheme and will be charged normally.
The minimum online trading commission for the "Frequent Trade" charging scheme is HK$0.01. The scheme charges differently from those on the fee schedule for general clients, including but not limited to:
  1. The minimum online trading commission for "Frequent Trade" is HK$0.01, while the minimum charges for general chargeable services are listed on the fee schedule.
  2. The online trading commission rate for "Frequent Trade" (0.1%) is higher than the general charge rate (0.0675%). Clients can consider whether to participate in the plan.
The "Frequent Trade" charging scheme calculates commission separately for every partial or fully executed trade on the same stock.
*** Negotiable rates for large amount financing
# The other fees of trading in listed RMB denominated securities would be calculated in HKD and cleared in RMB through CCASS.
Effective from 1 March 2018, if an internet trading order of HK / Global Stock has been amended by our staff and executed, the Trade Type of this order will be deemed as Normal Trade and the Commission will be charged on Normal Trade basis.
All information is subject to change without prior notice.
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