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Enjoy Free HK Stocks LV1 Real-Time Streaming Quote Service*

* Terms and conditions apply

Hong Kong Stocks
HS Index 17,809.66 + 2.51 %
Index H 6,148.33 + 2.63 %
SSE Index 3,110.48 + 0.10 %
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CHIEF’s new and existing clients can enjoy free HK Stocks LV1 real-time quotes service* for the first month and continue the service by 1-month per transaction on HK Stocks, A Shares or Grey Market by phone or online trading (accumulate up to a maximum of 6 months).
HK Stocks LV1 Real-Time Quotes Service Details

Real-Time Quotes Updated Automatically

Best Bid/Ask Price & Bid/Ask Volume

30 Stocks Quotes in Watch List

Instant Transaction Record

Instant Chart & Ranking

Instant HSI & CEI

Instant Capital Flow & Turnover Distribution


Charge Free
Effective Time Use immediately upon activation
Service Details1 Enjoy 1 month LV1 real-time streaming quote service for free with every completed transaction on HK Stocks, A Shares or Grey Market (accumulate up to a maximum of 6 months).
Service Validity2 Cut-off date is the last calendar day of each month (accumulate up to a maximum of 6 months).

    *  Terms and Conditions apply.

  1. The number of months for “Accumulate HK Stocks LV1 Real-Time Streaming Quote by Trade” will accumulate automatically (accumulate up to a maximum of 6 months) if the service is not activated. All quotas will start to use upon activation, and the validity will extend automatically according to the number of transactions, with a maximum limit of 6 months. Once all free quotas of HK Stocks LV1 real-time streaming quote service are utilized or after the validity period, it will return with Basic Market Prices (BMP) Service without charges. Clients can also subscribe the paid stock quote service depending on your needs.
  2. The service is calculated starting from the activation day, less than one month will be counted on a full month basis.。
Comparison on Real-time Quote Service
Free LV2 Real-time Quote Service
Flexible charges, no minimum commission fee^
Safe, user-friendly, extensive trading system
Free HK & US Stocks Real-time Quote Service*
$0 Commission Fee on Monthly HK, US Stocks & Funds Investment Plan*
Interest-free Margin Financing Offer*
Quick deposit and withdrawal

^ Applicable to Frequent Trade online trading commission plan.

* Terms and conditions apply.

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