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If client's monthly Commission for HK Stocks Internet Trade exceeds or reaches HK$1,388 or total monthly trading amount reaches HK$3,000,000), monthly fees of real-time stock quote will be waived.

Term of Monthly Fee Rebate

Client's monthly Commission for HK Stocks Internet Trade exceeds or reaches HK$1,388 or total monthly trading amount reaches HK$3,000,000.
* Request for subscription or termination of Online Real-time Price Quote Service should be made on or before 25th of each month.
** Full month rate will be charged regardless of commencement date of service and will be debited from client's account at the beginning of each month. Some suppliers will provide China Version. For details of the charges, please visit our branches or call the hotline at (852) 2500 9199. If client fulfills the monthly fee rebate terms, monthly fee charged will be credited to client's account at the beginning of next month (refund maximum is HK$368).
# The annual payment will be deducted from the client's account. After the year plan is expired, it will be automatically converted to monthly payment plan until further notice from customer.

Real-time Price Quote Service's Deposit Arrangement:

Clients who apply for real-time quote will pay HK$500 (clients need to pay HK$1,000 for PowerTicker Professional download version) as deposit. It will be refunded to your account when you cancel your subscription. Please be aware that your account should have adequate deposit for your subscription on 25th of each month. The Company has the right to cancel your subscription if there is no sufficient fund on that day. The discrepancy will be deducted from your deposit. The amount remained will be deposited to your trading account. Please be aware that we may not notify you prior to any changes in service. For enquiries, please contact our Customer Support Center at (852) 2500 9199. All information is subject to change without prior notice.

CHIEF provides multiple real time quote services to suit different needs from clients. For more details about monthly charges and waiver terms, please refer to the following table:

AA Stocks ETNET IQ Streaming Megahub - PowerTicker
Quote Winner 2007 Professional Version Web version Basic Download version Professional Download version
Price (Monthly)
HK$368 HK$638 HK$368 HK$338 HK$488 (Monthly)
HK$5288 (Annual) #
HK$988 (Monthly)
HK$9488 (Annual) #
Real Time Streaming
(Max. 4 windows)

(Max. 20 windows)

(Max. 4 windows)

(Max. 11 windows)

(Max. 11 windows)

(Max. 11 windows)
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^Applicable to Frequent Trade online trading commission plan.

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