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Product Charge
How does CHIEF charge for trading Hong Kong stock?

CHIEF does not charge for using trading platforms. The charges and fees are flexible to suit your needs. Commissions are as low as HK$0.01. CHIEF also provides free real-time stock quote to help clients grasp every investment opportunity. For more details, please refer to Service Fees & Charges.

Comparison of Frequent Trade Scheme and the Normal Internet Trade?
HK Stocks Internet Trade "Frequent Trade" Online Trading Commission Plan
(0.1%, Minimum Charges HK$0.01)
No Combine-trade, Commission Rate is Charged for Every Partial or Fully Executed Trade Individually
Commission for Normal Internet Trading Plan
(0.0675%, Minimum Charges HK$40)
Case 1: Buy HK$10,000 HK$10 (Actual Commission HK$10) HK$6.75 (Actual Commission HK$40)
Case 2: Buy HK$30,000 HK$30 (Actual Commission HK$30) HK$20.25 (Actual Commission HK$40)
Case 3: Buy HK$60,000 HK$60 (Actual Commission HK$60) HK$40.5 (Actual Commission HK$40.5)

The above data are provided for reference only.

Comparison of online trading commissions for latest and previous scheme of US stocks?
US Stocks Internet Trade Commission for Existing Client
(Applicable to clients opening account before 31/10/2018)
(0.15%, Minimum Charges US$18)
Commission for New Client*
(Applicable to clients opening account after 1/11/2018)
(US$0.015 per share, Minimum Charges US$10)
Case 1: Buy US$1000 (Assume Prices at US$1) US$1.5 (Actual Commission US$18) US$15 (Actual Commission US$15)
Case 2: Buy US$10,000 (Assume Prices at US$1) US$15 (Actual Commission US$18) US$150 (Actual Commission US$150)
Case 3: Buy US$20,000 (Assume Prices at US$1) US$30 (Actual Commission US$30) US$300 (Actual Commission US$300)

* It is the internet trade on commission for Global Securities Master Account. Please click for more details on US Stock charges.

The above data are provided for reference only.

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