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Technical Support
How to identify the version of my operating system?

Windows 7 – In the menu, search for "Computer", right click "Properties".
Windows 10 – Choose "Menu", press the gear icon. Choose "System" after new window pop up, then choose "About"

Why the real-time quote cannot be shown?

If the interface of the real-time stock quote shows blank page, please check if the JAVA has been updated. The real-time stock quote may not support newest version of Java. Please refer to the following instructions to download the right version of Java for your computer.

Chinese version only

Windows 10 Windows 7 or 8
Operating System

Change your default browser in Windows 10 (Chinese version only)
Change setting for viewing stock quote (Chinese version only)

Change setting for viewing stock quote (Chinese version only)

Why there are garbled code in "SP Trader"?

Please check the time zone of your computer. The garbled code will appear if the time zone is not Hong Kong.
Please choose "Control Panel" in your computer, then choose "Time, Language and District". Change your time zone to Hong Kong and restart "SP Trader".

How to clear the past record in Android mobile phone and download the newest version?

Step 1 Choose "App Management"
Step 2 Choose the App

Step 3 Press "Storage"
Step 4 Press "Clear Cache" and "Clear Storage"
Step 5 Press back button to return to "Settings"
Step 6 Close all the apps and restart the relevant app

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