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Account Opening
What type of trading accounts does CHIEF offer?
  1. Hong Kong Securities
    • Custodian Account (P A/C)
    • Margin Account (M A/C)
    • Happy Kid Securities Sub-account (provided for account holders whose children is under the age of 18; account holders must first obtain a Master Securities Account when opening a Happy Kid Securities Sub-account).
  2. Stock Options Account
  3. Futures and Options Account
  4. Global Securities Margin Account (M A/C)
  5. Global Futures and Options

Note: The above services can be performed via the internet or phone

How can I open an account in CHIEF?
E-Account Opening
Online self-service account opening, anytime, anywhere. Apply now
Apply in Person
Make an online appointment or visit our head quarter or branches to open an account.
Postal application
Complete the application form and mail to our headquarter, together with a copy of HKID card/passport and address proof and a personal cheque with an amount not less than HK$10,000.
What documents are required for opening an account?
Hong Kong Permanent Resident - Permanent Resident ID Card
Non-permanent resident of Hong Kong - ID card and visa identity document or passport
Non-Hong Kong Residents - Home ID Card and Passport
The address proof dated within the latest 3 months (e.g. bills from public utilities/bank statement)
HK local bank personal bank account and account proof issued by local bank (e.g. bank statement, passbook or bank card with printed full name and bank account number)

In addition to the above-mentioned documents, the following documents are required for account opening in different ways:

In addition to the above-mentioned documents, the following documents are required for account opening in different ways:
Application at branch: No deposit funds and additional documents are required
Postal application: The applicant signs a personal cheque with an amount of not less than HK$10,000. (After the cheque is cashed, it will be deposited into your Chief's account).
1. Issued by a Hong Kong licensed bank
2. The sum not less than HK$10,000
3. The cheque must be signed by the applicant and the signature must be the same as all the account opening application form.
4. For Securities account made payable to “Chief Securities Ltd”; for Futures account made payable to “Chief Commodities Ltd”

The futures and Stock accounts are 2 independent accounts. If you want to apply both at the same time, please enclose the above mentioned 2 signed personal cheques with amount not less than HKD 10,000.
In addition, if you want to open a joint account, the two applicants must sign a personal cheque of not less than HKD 10,000 and enclose it together with the application documents.
E-Account Opening

You are required to deposit no less than HK$10,000 from your registered bank account. For more details, please refer to our website "E-Account Opening"

Happy Kid
(The "Happy Kid" securities sub-account is only applicable to clients opening an account for their children under 18.)
Please bring along the Certificate of Registration of Birth of your children.

Note: If you are employees of any fully licensed corporation registered under Securities & Futures Ordinance of institutions registered under Banking Ordinance, you are required to bring the consent letter from your company to open an account.

After the documents are submitted to the CHIEF, how long does it take to open an account?
E-Account Opening
Fast-track 30 minutes or on the next working day
Apply in Person
Fast-track 30 minutes* or on the next working day
Postal application
3 - 4 working days

*It will take about 30 minutes to complete the application process if you meet the criteria and submit the documents required before 14:00. The turnaround time of each application and approval may vary, CHIEF reserves the right to request the applicant to submit the supporting documents for the approval.

Can I open an account at CHIEF if I am not Hong Kong or Mainland China resident?

In a general situation, you can. Please visit any of our branches in person and bring along the ID document of your nationality, passport, and address proof dated within the latest 3 months. For online and mail application, please deposit HK$10,000 to CHIEF with your personal bank account in Hong Kong and send cheque with HK$10,000 by mail for identity verification.

Why do I need to fill out the Self-Certification Form and the W-8BEN Form when opening an account?

"Self-Certification Form" - This is a self-certification form provided by an account holder to a reporting financial institution for the purpose of automatic exchange of financial account information. The data collected may be transmitted by the reporting financial institution to the Inland Revenue Department for transfer to the tax authority of another jurisdiction.

"W-8BEN Form" - At the request of the US government, all non-US residents or green card holders are required to complete the W-8BEN Form to declare that the account applicant does not have a local US Tax liability.

Is there a minimum deposit requirement or charge for opening an account?

It is completely free to open accounts at CHIEF. We do not impose custody fee, dormant account fee, platform fee and minimum balance requirement. Clients are not required to deposit money for maintaining the account. After depositing money into the account, clients can trade immediately.

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