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How to apply the monthly US stock plan?

From now customer applying for Monthly US Stocks Investment Plan via ‘Chief Trader’ Mobile App, will entitle commission fee waiver for the first US$1,000 of the monthly instalment of each stock, while a 0.15% commission fee will be charged for the remaining instalment amount, with no minimum charge. Customers only need to pay trading fee and other charges.

For example:

  1. Suppose there is an online application for a US$1,000 monthly investment in C shares, the commission fee will be fully waived. (After promotion end will be charged of US1,000*0.15%=US$1.5)
  2. Suppose there is an online application for an US$1,500 monthly investment in D shares, the commission fee of US$0.75 will be charged. (After promotion end will be charged of US$1,500*0.15%=US$2.25)
How can I apply for the Monthly Investment Plan for Stocks?
  • Opening a CHIEF US Stock Account
  • Apply through the “Chief Trader” Mobile APP (Android or iOS)
  • Client needs to deposit the amount of monthly contributions
How can I deposit US dollars into CHIEF account?

You can deposit fund to CHIEF's US dollar account with your personal bank account in Hong Kong using online banking, phone banking, transfer service and cheque. If you do not possess any bank account in Hong Kong, you can deposit to CHIEF's account through telegraphic transfer. You can also deposit Hong Kong dollar to your account through internal transfer and exchange to US dollar.

What are the advantages of trading long call stock option?

The price of some large stock could be over thousand dollars. If you are optimistic about US stock, you can purchase long call stock option instead of buying the underlying stock which lowers the trading cost and lift the leverage. Long call stock option can maximize the profit infinitely, but the financial loss is limited. When the underlying stock rises, the potential gain is infinite. When the underlying stock falls, the maximum loss is only the option premium.

I am not a Singapore citizen. Do I need to pay taxes for investing in Singapore stocks?

Foreign investors who invest in Singapore shares are not required to pay profits tax and dividends distributed by corporates.

Is there a minimum amount for opening a Singapore stock account at CHIEF Securities?

There is no minimum account opening amount, but you need to deposit investment capital for transactions.

In addition to stocks, what financial products can be bought and sold in the Singapore market?

In addition to stocks, the Singapore market offers a vast variety of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) , and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Moreover, Singapore offers many renowned American Depositary Receipts (ADRs), such as BIDU (Baidu), CTRP (Ctrip), DCM (NTT DOCOMO), MFG (Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group) and others.

Do I need to have enough Singapore dollars in global securities account so as to trade?

You can order with equivalent purchase of US dollars/Singapore dollars in global securities account. When you inform us after completion, we will exchange the US dollars to Singapore dollars for transaction.

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