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Chief Trading Platform Security Introduction and Guideline

Chief Trading Platform Security Introduction and Guideline

At Chief Group, online security is always a top priority. In order to ensure our customers are protected when they process online transaction, we constantly review and upgrade our system to ensure that our online trading platform is secured.

Chief Trading Platform Security Introduction and Guideline

  1. We refer to the internet security recommendations from SFC and HKMA. Apart from entering customer Login ID and Password, customer will also need to enter “Second Password” or “Chief Authentication System”.
  2. For “Second Password”, customer will only be required to enter three random characters of the password as requested by the system. For “Chief Authentication System”, customer can choose either using “Touch ID” or “Token” to login the system. The procedure could better safeguard the security of internet services.
  3. When customer choose “Touch ID” to login, the authenticating finger is required to place on the iPhone/iPad. When customer choose “Token” to login, a One-Time Token will sent to your iPhone/iPad, enter the 6-digit token and tap “Login”.
  4. “Login Password” and “Second Password” should be a password with at least 8 characters containing capital letters (A-Z) and small letters (a-z), numbers (0-9) and/or special symbols. We will remind customer to change password regularly.
  5. “Second Password” and “Chief Authentication System” are now required in our “Top Trader Professional Version” and “Top Trader Online Version”, “Second Password” or other security system will also be applied to our Mobile App later.
  6. To ensure network security, our programs are processing under encrypted network connection environment to ensure network security.

Quick Tips to Online Security

  1. Do not use the same Login ID and Password in different platforms (e.g. personal computer, online banking, etc).
  2. Regularly change “Login Password” and “Second Password” to increase difficulty in case of password theft, use a combination of capital letters, small letters, numbers and special symbols as your password.
  3. Install anti-virus software and update it regularly.
  4. Distinguish fake website:
    • Authentic web site will never require customer to provide a complete “Second Password”.
    • Note if the website is displaying with Security Key. Security Key represents the validity of the web certification and the verification by a trusted third party.
  5. Do not use Public WIFI network to log-in the system.
  6. Do not install unknown software to reduce risk from Trojans.
  7. Please do not install or launch Chief Authentication System App in a smartphone or other device with any pirated, hacked, fake or unauthorized application or where the software lockdown has been overridden (such as a “jailbroken” or “rooted” smartphone or device).
  8. Please visit the following websites for more information about internet securities:
    The Chin Family
    The Hong Kong Association of Banks Leaflet