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Community Care

Community Care

“The Chief Way” Caring for the Community Dedicated to Social Services

The Chief Group aims to proactively contribute to the local community and help the less fortunate. We enthusiastically support various social causes through donations and encouraging our staff to join a wide range of volunteer services and environmental activities.

We established a voluntary team consisting staff from different work areas, who are committed to volunteer services for various social groups. The team participates in a wide range of charity activities, such as elderly and low-income family home visits, charity walks, organic farm services, rehabilitation center visits, etc.

 Sponsored construction of over 50 schools
Sponsored construction of over 50 schools in under-funded areas such as Guizhou, Hunan, Neimenggu and Santou
   Sponsored Chinese chess competition
Chief Volunteer Activity "Share happiness with music", organized by YMCA of Hong Kong in 2015
 Chief Volunteer Activity 'celebrate dragon boat festival together', organized by the lok sin tong benevolent society, kowloon in 2016
Chief Volunteer Activity "celebrate Dragon Boat Festival together", organized by The Lok Sin Tong Benevolent Society, Kowloon in 2016
   Volunteer team
Chief Volunteer Activity "Elderly care visit in Ma On Shan Village", organized by Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service - Hong Kong in 2016

The Chief Group was awarded the “Caring Company” icon for 7 consecutive years since 2008. The icon is a recognition of our effort in building a caring community spirit and raising public awareness of good corporate citizenship. We also received a Certificate of Appreciation from YMCA of Hong Kong, as an encouragement of our dedication to charity volunteer services.

We value personnel training and support local education, cultivating talented young people in the industry and offering job opportunities to fresh graduates. We are pleased to qualify in the Manpower Developer Award Scheme by Employees. Retraining Board and awarded Partner Employer Award from The Hong Kong General Chamber of Small and Medium Business. These titles show public recognition of our effort in man-power development and support to the local human resources market.

In addition, we contributed to help the needy in Mainland China. We sponsored construction of over 50 schools in under-funded areas such as Guizhou, Hunan, Neimenggu and Santou.

  voluntary team