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Easy Deposit Confirmation is convenient for depositing funds to CHIEF. You can enter the details and receipts (if any) of the deposit in the following table, and the balance will be updated immediately in the trading system.


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  • All securities transaction traded with Cash Account (A Account) or Custodian Account (P Account) should be settled on or before the second business day (T+2). Any unsettled balance will be charged at Bank Prime Rate + 5% as overdue interest.
  • The Margin Financing Limit of Margin Account (M Account) is determined according to the value of their portfolio stock holdings or the agreed margin limit (base on the lower limit). Financed amount will be charged at Bank Prime Rate + 2.5% as loan interest.
  • Please note that CHIEF does not accept deposit by third party (including but not limited to bank transfer, remittance, cheque deposit, etc.). Chief reserves the right to return the fund. You are liable to all bank charges and related risk. Chief is not responsible for all costs, interest charges of banks, personal loss between you and the third party incurred from the returning of fund.
  • As it may take time to update deposit confirmation, the balance of global futures account could not be updated in time. For any enquiries, please contact our Global Trading Hotline (852) 2500 9128.
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