Smart Tips
Only customers who buy the shares before the ex-dividend date are eligible to get the dividend. Customers who buy the shares on the ex-dividend date will not get the dividend.
Through Top Trader, customers can trade odd lots by selling a quantity of shares less than one board lot (discounts for different stock prices) and buying odd lots at market price to make up a full board lot. Please contact odd-lot dealers about the offer or call our Transaction Hotline at (852) 2500 9118.
CHIEF provides free grey market stock quote (Top Trader Download Version). For trading in grey market, customers can place order via Top Trader Online Version, Download Version and Mobile App Version.
With CHIEF's flexible Monthly Stock Investment Plan, customers can sell stocks anytime according to their investment strategies and contribute as little as HK$100/month. Start building a fortune by taking advantage of our low commission fee and dividend charge, waiver of custody fee and simple application procedures.
All withdrawal orders may be placed before 13:00 on every trading day. Orders after cut-off time will be handled on the next trading day. For customers who registered Chong Hing Bank, HSBC, Hang Seng Bank or Bank of China as their designated bank, relative funds will be deposited to their bank account in the form of intraday transfer.
Enjoy a seamless money transfer, experience with Faster Payment System (FPS). It offers you a free instant platform for real-time interbank fund transfers. All you need to do is to enter CHIEF's FPS ID 8785271 to transfer. Remember to send us relevant transfer record after using the FPS.
Monthly streaming stock quote services charge below HK$368 would be waived if the client's monthly commission for online trading of HK Stocks reaches HK$1,388 or total monthly trading amount reaches HK$3,000,000.
For applicants of E-Account Opening, deposits and withdrawals can only be made via the bound bank account. If you wish to change the deposit method, you must visit a branch to apply for lifting of restrictions.
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