Chief Trader APP
enables you a concise and cushy experience

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With Chief Trader in hand, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Remote account opening allows you to use it right away

Upon receipt of required documentation, account opening can be completed in as fast as 30 minutes

Trade immediately

Subscribe new shares

Open other accounts

Withdraw funds

Deposit securities

Electronic Direct Debit Authorization (SDDA)

1 min. to complete*

24/7 Instant Transfer

Handling Fee Waiver

Support HK$ & RMB¥

No deposit slip is neede

*It will take about 1 min. to complete the application process if you meet the application criteria.The turnaround time of each application and approval may vary, CHIEF reserves the right to request the applicant to submit the supporting documents for the approval.

Safe and reliable

Strictly adhering to the online security
guidelines of regulatory agencies,
our system supports FACE ID /
TOUCH ID biometric authentication to ensure
secure and fast login for trading.

IPO subscription, free quotes on dark pool trading

One-click to subscribe new shares, free processing fee for cash application, 90% margin application

IPO dark trading and streaming quotes / charts

Robust trading capabilities

Hong Kong stocks, Shenzhen and Shanghai stock, US stocks, A shares and Singapore stocks

Support odd lot trading

Modifying prices quickly with one key

Smart trading functions: market order, conditional order, buy first and sell later, purchasing power / position ration trading etc.

Perfect pricing system

Instant push: prompt reminders of meeting prices, changes, new shares, deals dividends, etc.

Rich information: cumulative performance, dividend record, capital flow, ratio of bull and bear stocks in the market, etc.

Free real-time quotes, charts and news, real-time push of macro-economic and equity research reports

monthly investment

Multiple monthly investment plan options:
Hong Kong stocks, US stocks or funds

More than 500 types of

Easy fund trading

Powerful screening function: performance, investment region, dividend, risk level, etc.

Support real-time investment risk analysis for up to 10 years of performance data, good understanding of individual's investment orientation

Provide research reports on selected funds and market trends

Customised services for individuals

Real-time display of net asset value and individual stock profit and loss at a glance

Online customer services, electronic statements, push messages, monhthly calendar of equity, dividend payment records

Support cloud access of quotation configurations

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Instant trading of stocks after taking an in-depth look at every move of the market
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Provide the latest financial news and promotions

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