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Stock Monthly Investment Plan

Stock Monthly Investment Plan

With Chief's Stock Monthly Investment Plan (MIP), you can start building a fortune by means of small regular contributions, as little as $500/month, to capture potential growth of your favorite stocks without much worrying about catching market highs and lows as a result of “Dollar Cost Averaging”. You are welcomed to visit any of our branches for application and other details. If you have any inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support Center at (852) 2500 9199.

Application Form  Sample  MIP Introduction

Chief Stock Monthly Investment Plan's Advantages

Flexible Management
  • Simple application procedures
  • Customer can adjust the amount* / stock based on market situation or investment strategies
  • Stocks can be sold at any time according to different investment strategies
*   For bank autopay, the adjustment will only be effective after completing all the procedures in the bank.

Extraordinary Low Service Charge
  • Low commission fee for buying stocks, as low as 0.0675% (minimum $40, excludes stamp duty, HKEX trading fee, SFC transaction levy and CCASS stock settlement fee)
  • Waiver of custody fee
  • Extremely low dividend charge
  • Low commission for selling stocks, as low as 0.0675%
*   Certain terms have to be conformed, please contact our branch / Customer Support Center for the details of the plan.

Application Method

Only 3 Steps:


Open a Chief securities accountJoin Now


Fill in the 'Stock Monthly Investment Plan' application formApplication Form


  • The amount for the first month has to be deposited at once if customers choose debit from securities account.
  • For Bank autopay, customers have to submit “Direct Debit Authorization Form”, deposit first 2 months' contributions and $50 registration charge. The registration charge will not be refunded after termination of the Bank autopay service.

Minimum Instalment

Minimum instalment $500 for each stock and use $500 as multiple, no maximum instalment.

*   Customers who choose ETF need to verify relevant risk.

Examples of Stocks for Monthly Investment Plan:

HK & CHINA GAS (00003)

AIA (01299)
PICC GROUP (01339)

CNBM (03323)
CHINA COAL (01898)

X ISHARES A50 (02823)

ICBC (01398)
CCB (00939)

*   Other preferences of stock are welcome. Feel free to inquire our staff about other options.

Set Target Quantity

Targeted number of shares can be set to avoid holding odd lot of shares. Once the targeted number is reached, the plan will be terminated.

Operation of The Purchase of Stocks

The Net Investment Amount (monthly contribution - net of transaction fee) will be used to purchase stocks according to the purchasing prices on the 5th trading day of each month.

  • Our company will purchase stocks from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon on the trading day. Chief Securities Limited reserves the rights to amend the transaction time.
  • The stocks selected by customers will be purchased to the nearest units of stocks. The residual amount will be deposited into clients' securities account.
  • If the selected stocks are suspended by the HKEx on the transaction period (11 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. on the 5th trading day of each month), MIP for that month will be suspended. The contribution amount will be deposited in the securities account (no transaction fee will be charged). MIP will operate as usual in the following month.
Payment method Direct Debit from securities account Autopay from bank account
Day of payment Before 8:30am of the 5th trading day of each month The 1st trading day of each month
Day of purchase The 5th transaction day of each month The 5th trading day of each month
Change of the contribution amount, choice of stock or termination of the plan Submit the Change of Service Form on or before 25th of each month. The amendment will be effective in the following month
  • No change or reduction of the amount: Submit the Change of Service Form on or before 25th of each month. The amendment will be effective in the following month
  • An increase of the contribution amount: Resubmit a Direct Debit Authorization Form. The adjustment will only be effective after completing all the procedures in the bank
  • A sufficient amount has to be deposited into the securities account before 8:30a.m. of the day of payment
  • The plan will be suspended in that month without notice as a result of an insufficient amount in the securities account or rejection of the autopay from the bank. The plan will continue in the following month
  • The plan will be terminated without prior notice if the contribution could not be debited for 3 consecutive months. A new application is needed for rejoining the plan

PPS “Scheduled Payment” Service

The date of payment and the amount of payment can be scheduled using PPS “Scheduled Payment” Service which is only applicable to online PPS. The payment record can be viewed in PPS website after 2:00pm of the day of payment or via daily statement. Chief recommends customers to deposit the payment in advance in order to avoid any delay due to public holidays.

Please refer to the links below for the application of “Scheduled Payment”:

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