US Stocks
The United States is the largest economy in the world. The US financial market has a very solid foundation with diversified products and strict regulations. Foreign investors can trade stocks, bonds, commodity contracts and options 100% free from U.S. capital gains taxes.

Low commission

Convenient trading platform (By hot-lines, mobile App and online trading platforms)

Top Trader & Mobile App support HK Stock & US Stock

Support trading at pre-market section and extended trading section

Support long call / put stock option

US stocks charges

(Applicable to clients opening account after 1 / 11 / 2018)

Items Charges (US$) Minimum Charges (US$) Transaction Cost** (Seller) (US$)
Commission for Internet Trade* US$0.015 per share
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Minimum Charges US$0.1
Commission for Phone Trade* US$0.03 per share
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Minimum Charges US$0.1

From April 1, 2020 until December 31, 2020, eligible clients will receive a US$4 rebate on commissions for each trade in US Stocks, upon the successful transaction of Monthly US Stocks Investment Plan in the same month. The maximum rebate is US$100 per month*. Click here for details.

* Terms and Conditions apply.

Financing Services
Items Financial Charges** (in annual interest rate) Remarks
Margin Account Lending Rate Chong Hing Bank Prime Rate +2.5% Overdue amount within the marginable value
Margin Account Lending Rate Chong Hing Bank Prime Rate +3.5% Overdue amount beyond the marginable value

** Negotiable rates for large amount financing

Stock Margin Table

US Stock Options Charges
Items Charges (US$) Minimum Charges (US$)
Commission for Internet Trade* US$3 per contract US$20
Commission for Phone Trade* US$3 per contract US$20

* Commission is calculated separately for each side and trading channel individually.

** Transaction cost includes transaction levy payable to the US SEC and cost of other transaction activities.

For more details about charges and fees of US stocks and other services, please press here to download PDF.

For charges and fees for accounts opened before 31 October 2018, please refer to PDF.

Trading Platforms
CHIEF trading platforms are comprehensive and professional. We not only provide phone trading, but also fast and stable online trading platforms for both HK stocks and US stocks.

Phone Trade

CHIEF Global Securities trading hotline (852) 2500 9290 (852) 2500 9290.

Internet Trade

"Chief Trader" mobile application, Top Trader Online Version and Professional Version all support US stocks trading. Clients can log in with their HK stocks account number and press “Global” to enter US stocks trading interface.


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