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How can I enjoy the "Commission Fee Waiver for Online Monthly HK Stocks Investment Plan?

From now customers applying for Monthly HK Stocks Investment Plan by online application will enjoy commission fee waiver for the first $10,000 of the monthly instalment of each stock, while a 0.0675% commission fee will be charged for the remaining instalment amount, with no minimum charge. Customers only need to pay stamp duty, HKEX trading fee, SFC transaction levy and CCASS stock settlement fee. Offline application is not eligible for this offer.


  1. Suppose there is an online application for a HK$10,000 monthly investment in Stock C, the commission fee will be fully waived.
  2. Suppose there is an online application for an $11,000 monthly investment in D shares, the commission fee of HK$1,000*0.0675% = HK$0.675, HK$0.675 will be charged.

How can I apply for the "Monthly Stock Investment Plan"?

  1. Open a CHIEF securities account
  2. Apply via CHIEF Securities' mobile app (Android or iOS)
  3. The customers are required to deposit investment capital

Is there any minimum contribution period for Monthly Stock Investment Plan?

No. We will purchase the stocks of your choice and deposit them into your securities account every month. You can sell the stocks according to your personal needs after clearing, while you also enjoy the flexibility to suspend or terminate your contribution.

Will I receive dividends from my selected stocks?

The rights and interests you enjoy after participating in the "Monthly Stock Investment Plan", including dividends, bonus shares and other payments will be no different from ordinary stockholders.

What should I do if I can't find my target stock on the Stock list for Monthly Investment Plan?

For stocks that are not on the stock list, please call 2500 9199 for enquiry. (Eligible stocks will be added to the stock list within 3 business days.)

What happens if my selected stock is suspended from trading on the "Day of payment"?

If the stock of your choice is suspended from trading on the "Day of payment", the monthly plan will be automatically suspended for once. The relevant installment will be deposited into your securities account (no transaction fees will be deducted).

I can only sell the stocks in board lots?

No. However, the shares purchased through this plan are likely odd lots, for which the prices are usually at a certain discount off the market prices. Customers can set up "board lots" for target balance.

Can I make changes to the plan?

For the changes in installment amount, stock portfolio or termination, i) "Monthly Stock Investment Plan" application form should be filled and submitted to Chief Securities before the 25th of each month, which will be processed on the upcoming "Day of payment". ii) Application via Chief Securities' mobile app can be submitted before 08:00 a.m. of the "Day of payment".

How can I set the target number of shares?

The target number of shares does not include manual purchase, bonus shares, and the number of stocks deposited through settlement instructions (SI / ISI). The system will only buy the relevant stocks according to the target number of shares you set.

Example 1: You deposit 300 shares in SI / ISI, and set the target number of shares to 1,000, and the total number of shares when you plan to meet the standard is 1,300.

Example 2: Your account has some odd shares (355 shares) and you want to consolidate the number of shares (1,000 shares), you can set the new instructions and the new target number of shares to 645 shares. Then the total number of shares will be 1,000 shares when the plan is set.

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