HK$5 Long Stock Options Commission Plan
* Terms and conditions apply
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Charges and Commissions

Items Charging Plan Charges Minimum Charges
Commission (By Phone) - 0.50% of Contract Value HK$100
Commission (Internet Trade) General Charge 0.25% of Contract Value HK$50
「Long Options $5 Plan」* HK$5* per lot N.A.
Trading Tariff - Tier 1: HK$3 for each contract
Tier 2: HK$1 for each contract
Tier 3: HK$0.5 for each contract
Exercise Fee # - HK$2 for each contract -
Stock Option Individual Client Account - For more details, please call 2500 9138 for inquiries. -
  • Commission is calculated separately for each side (buy / sell), different trading channels (phone and internet) and different position (open new position and close position) and is charged once for the same contract for each 4 different transaction prices on the same side.
  • In the event of any late settlement of stock options assignment, interest on the ate settlement amount and a penalty equivalent to 0.05% of the assigned value (subject to a min. amount of HK$200) would be charged. Moreover, our company reserves the rights of restricting stock options assignment and exercise of such client in the future.
  • In case of selling call options, if the client cannot settle the assignment on time which is assigned on the day before the ex-dividend date, mandatory buy-back must be done on the ex-dividend day and an amount equal to the dividend of the buy-back stocks would be debited.

# Exercise and assignment of stock options involve settlement of the underlying stock. Normal commission rate of phone orders and other related charges (including stamp duty, HKEX trading fee, SFC transaction levy and CCASS stock settlement fee) will be charged.

*Applicable to online trading of stock options traded on the SEHK to opening a long position(s) (i.e., relevant Long Call or Long Put instructions) and subsequent related closing position(s) (i.e., relevant Short Call or Short Put instructions). Please refer to Terms and Conditions for details.

If you wish to know more about commissions of Stock Options and other service charges, please press here.


All information is subject to change without prior notice.

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