How to Tax-Saving in Tax Season?
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We focus on bread-and-butter concerns while working. Retirement life is to live a remarkable “second life”. The best way to live your ideal retirement life is to have a personalised saving plan, very early.
Qualifying Deferred Annuity – Tax Deductible
Qualifying Deferred Annuity – Tax Deductible
It is a tax deductible and cost-saving plan. With additional liquidity-asset and rewarding investment, it is great for a good life.
Easy application, no body-check is needed
Tax deductible, high liquidity
Eligible for tax deduction of up to HK$60,000 as an individual per year
Flexible tax deduction of up to HK$120,000 as married couple per year
Other annuity plans
Annuity plans help you accumulate wealth for enjoying life with your loved one.
High flexibility, payable either in one lump sum or by installments
High return of accumulated dividends in your policy
Steady stream of revenue for easy and secure life
Other annuity plans
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Let our professional consultants provide you with a personalized plan and help you lead a carefree life.
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