Savings Insurance
Whether your goal is to buy an apartment, fund your children's education, or prepare for retirement, our wide range of savings insurance plans will help you achieve your financial goals at different life stages.
Prepare for Your Children's Education
Prepare for Your Children's Education
Through making a regular, fixed contribution to your savings insurance plan, you can accumulate a considerable education fund by taking advantage of the compounding effect. You can also customise the plan to your needs with a wide variety of add-ons.
Earn compound interest with a regular, fixed contribution
Beat inflation with guaranteed stable returns
A wide range of add-ons for all-rounded protection of your children
Provide Stable Growth of Wealth
Apart from countering inflation, our savings insurance plans are designed to keep your assets growing. The earlier you start making regular and fixed investment, the more your wealth will grow with the compounding effect.
Grow your assets to beat inflation
Build wealth with the compounding effect
The investment with fixed time and amount of money can counter against the market fluctuations
Provide Stable Growth of Wealth
Comprehensive Retirement Protection
Comprehensive Retirement Protection
Besides receiving guaranteed cash values, a comprehensive retirement protection plan will also provide you with non-guaranteed annual and maturity dividends, allowing you to maximise your savings potentials. CHIEF's flexible savings insurance plan offers various premium payment terms and cash withdrawal options at your choice.
Guaranteed cash value as well as non-guaranteed annual and maturity dividends
Flexible premium payment terms and cash withdrawal options
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