Medical Insurance
Health is wealth! CHIEF offers a variety of all-rounded medical protection plans tailored to your needs, alleviating your financial burden and help you focus on recovery.
Comprehensive Medical Protection
Comprehensive Medical Protection
Unexpected medical expenses could represent a significant threat to your finances. With a comprehensive medical protection plan, you and your family can concentrate on receiving proper treatments without worrying about rising medical expenses.
Easy enrollment procedure without any requirement for medical examination
Comprehensive medical and hospital insurance coverage
Personalised plan catering for your needs
Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme
It is not easy to find a suitable life-long medical insurance. Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme certified by Food and Health Bureau is eligible for tax deduction and flexibility, which significantly reduces financial burden and gives you peace of mind.
Guaranteed renewal up to the age of 100 years
No "lifetime benefit limit"
Wide coverage, including day-time operations, radiotherapy and targeted therapy, etc.
Eligible for tax deduction of up to HK$8,000 as an individual per year with no cap on the number of dependants
Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme
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